The Native Family Disaster Preparedness Handbook

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    Partnerships With Native Americans acquired over 1,000 Handbooks through a corporate non-profit grant from Amazon. The books will be distributed to tribal members in several states as part of the organization's disaster preparedness activities. Thanks to our partners at PWNA , and Tribal Print Source for a job well done!


    PHOTO: Handbook Author Vince Davis (left) and Mark Ford of PWNA collaborated to provide Native Family Disaster Preparedness Handbooks to PWNA supported Tribes.

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    Mr. Davis has more than 35-years of experience in disaster response, preparedness, planning, and operations. A devoted advocate for empowering at-risk populations, Mr. Davis supports numerous organizations and projects nationwide to improve disaster outcomes for people with disabilities, families living below poverty, the elderly, children people below poverty, food insecure, and transportation challenged individuals. He currently serves as Director of Disaster Services for Feeding America. Mr. Davis' experience includes FEMA, American Red Cross, SAIC, Regional Catastrophic Planning Team, Walgreen Co., Sony, and Amazon where he managed the corporate Workplace Resilience program in Seattle.


    Mr. Davis is a Certified Emergency Manager by the International Association of Emergency Managers and holds over 40 separate training certifications, including FEMA Master Continuity Practitioner. Mr. Davis is no stranger to Native community preparedness initiatives. In 2016 he developed the Emergency Communications Guidebook in collaboration with Native Public Media. His first book, Lost and Turned Out – A Guide to Preparing Underserved Communities in Disasters, (Amazon 2012), provides vital insights into the experiences of marginalized and underserved communities in disasters.


    Mr. Davis is an International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Scholarship Commissioner, an Advisory Board Member for the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management (I-DIEM), and a Lifetime Member of the Black Emergency Managers Association. In 2018, he was named "One of the Top Three Emergency Managers to Follow on LinkedIn."

  • Partners

    Here are some of the partners that worked to develop the Native Family Disaster Preparedness Handbook

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    National Tribal Emergency Management Council

    The NTEMC is a long standing sub-committee of the Northwest Tribal Emergency Management Council bringing Tribes and Tribal emergency management organizations from around the Nation together to share information and best practices and to discuss public safety, public health and homeland security issues affecting those in Indian Country.

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    The Red Guide To Disaster Recovery Native American and Alaska Native Edition

    Finally, a resource designed specifically to help Native American communities prepare for and recover from disasters! The Native American & Alaska Native Edition of The Red Guide to Recovery – Resource Handbook for Disaster Survivors is a unique resource that contains a wealth of information to help disaster survivors in navigate the recovery process and avoid becoming disaster victims. The Native American Edition outlines the government processes for disaster declarations, Native specific housing programs, disaster relief processes and culturally relevant information for Tribal leaders, organizations, and families.

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    Native Public Media

    Founded in 2004, Native Public Media (NPM) provides services that encourage the expansion and strengthening of Native media through platforms that are community-based, local, and democratic. NPM, as a national center, provides leadership, centralized resources, and strategic and coordinated approaches to successfully strengthen the Native Broadcast System.

    • Advocates for and provide station care to a radio family that has grown to 57 radio and 4 TV stations strong.
    • Supports progressive policies and regulations that encourage the expansion and strengthening of Native public media through mediums and platforms that are truly community-based, local, and democratic are critical to Indian Country.
    • Partners with the Native radio system, media makers, tribal leaders, industry, government, allies, and the corporate and non-profit sectors.
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    Tribal Print Source

    Tribal Print source is a division of Southern California Tribal Chairmen's Association. Tribal Print Source opened it's doors to the public in October 2003, under the name Hi Rez Digital Solutions, as the first collaborative for-profit business venture with The Southern California Tribal Chairman's Association (SCTCA), a non-profit agency representing 19 Native American tribes in the San Diego County area. Located in Southern California, Tribal Print Source provides high quality, fully digital printing, traditional offset printing, large format printing, and marketing services to customers nationwide while generating job training opportunities and income for the local tribal community. Tribal Print Source is part of the Tribal Digital Village that emerged from a three year partnership between the SCTCA and Hewlett Packard.

    Website: http://tribalprintsource.com/index.html

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